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Enervex Chimney Fan Maintenance


The ENERVEX / EXHAUSTO / EXODRAFT Chimney Fan is designed for prolonged use. The fan should be inspected at least once a year when the chimney is inspected. Creosote and other deposits should be removed from the fan blades and the bottom of the motor housing.

The top of the Enervex fan is hinged and can be opened in order to ease the cleaning.

Warning: Do not open the motor housing unless power to the chimney fan has been disconnected.


Exhausto Fan Maintenance
Remove Butterfly Nut or Screw from each Hinge prior to cleaning. Exhausto Fan Maintenance Exhausto Fan Maintenance

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System testing

Before any adjustments are made to the system, follow these procedures:

• Turn the chimney fan ON and make sure that it is operating. Increase and decrease the speed

of the fan by adjusting the fan speed control to make sure it is operating properly.

• Turn the fan OFF and make sure the pressure switch opens, so the power to the circuit, it controls,

is disconnected.

Notice: Do not blow air into the tube going to the pressure switch as this may damage the diaphragm.


Adjusting the Chimney Fan Speed

Start all appliances up. Use the fan speed control to set the speed of the chimney fan so no back

pressure is experienced anywhere in the system. Check the system for flue gas spillage. Mark this

setting on the fan speed control cover.


Adjusting the pressure switch setting

Remove the snap-on cover from the conduit enclosure by loosening its retaining screw. Turn the slotted Adjustment Screw clockwise to raise the set point pressure and counter clockwise to lower the set point.

Set the adjustment to its lowest position. With all appliances operating, reduce the speed of the fan to the point, where the appliance(s) starts to spill flue gas. Increase the speed of the fan gradually to the point where there is no more spillage.

Raise the switch’s set point so it just opens. Return the fan speed to the original setting marked on the cover.

The system is now adjusted so flue gas spillage will disconnect the heating system.

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